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FaciliTeam was created in 2010 by Laurent Pestiau and Amaury de Patoul. Our ambition is to make life easier for facility managers: to intervene quickly and efficiently in order to maintain a safe and pleasant working environment. We quickly convince national network managers to call on our versatile technicians to solve their daily problems. The number of interventions is growing rapidly and so is our team of technicians.

In 2017, we carry out 4000 interventions per year, on 3500 sites.

In 2018, EMALEC becomes a shareholder of FaciliTeam Belgium and Luxembourg. Under the impetus of Emalec, we are taking a more technical turn (electricity, HVAC) and developing our preventive maintenance offer (hvac, tgbt, door maintenance and legal checks).

At the beginning of 2023, Laurent Pestiau takes over control of FaciliTeam Belgium with two other partners. We carry out 7,000 interventions per year, including 25% in preventive maintenance.

Satisfying our customers: this is our only priority.

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