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perceuse faux-plafond technicien polyvalent maintenance préventive, maintenance curative, maintenance prédictive, maintenance conditionnelle, maintenance corrective, maintenance systématique, maintenance prévisionnelle

The Preventive maintenance makes it possible to reduce the possibility of failure of an asset and to maintain over time the performance of materials or equipment at an optimal level close to that of the initial performance. 
Central element of preventive maintenance, a maintenance plan will be proposed to you and will be adapted annually in order to better respond to the reality of your sites.

We then offer you an annual preventive maintenance schedule which will allow you to have, at any time, an exhaustive vision of the interventions planned for the coming year. 
FaciliTeam can also support, on your behalf, control offices and third-party stakeholders in the context of their missions.

The corrective maintenance for its part, aims to restore materials or equipment following a failure or degradation.
In this case, FaciliTeam puts all its human and material resources at your disposal to intervene as soon as possible.

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